Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Hair Salon Tale

Yesterday, I went to see Shannon, at her new location for my retightening session. Now Shannon is no longer at KINKS, for the shop no longer exists, sad to say. A very long and somewhat complicated story. Anyway, Shannon now works out of a shop where all the clients come in for chemical treatments, and hairweaves. I take my hat off to Shannon for doing this because she views this new working condition as an opportunity to introduce and familiarize those clients to sisterlocks and traditional locks. Fos Shannon does both sisterlocks and traditional locks.

So while I was there, I had three interesting encounters. The first was one of Shannon's already locked clients who was considering starting all over in order to get sisterlocks. All the palm rolling/twisting on her thin hair texture was becoming difficult on her scalp as her hair grew. Shannon felt that sisterlocks would be better on her scalp, etc. So when she saw me, she became very excited and was asking questions like, do you like them, is it easy to care for, how long did it take to install? I was happy to answer her questions,and sing the praises of sisterlocks. And, of course, she couldn't help herself but to have her hands all in my head. Since she was already a locked sister, that didn't bother me too much. I think she has now decided to get sisterlocks. I think they will look sooo cute on her.

The second encounter was from a client of another hairdresser. She walked in with a looooooooong black hairweave with gold colored highlights that reached to her middle to lower back. I must admit that it looked quite nice. When she walked in, she went straight to the mirror admiring herself and flinging back "her" hair. You can just imaging what I'm thinking. I could feel Shannon's thoughts without her saying a word. Next, she sat down in her hairdresser's chair waiting for her to arrive. That is when she noticed me and Shannon. She just stared, and stared and......It felt kind of awkard at first, almost as if some kind of self reality set in. When her hairdresser arrived and made a nice comment about my hair, the hairweaved client shook her head in agreement. Ok, I'll take that. Hey, Maybe, just maybe... you never know. Planting seeds are a good thing.

The third encounter was one of the other hairdresser's. She was wearing an obvious wine colored weave. She asked if I were wearing sisterlocks. I responded. She rendered a positive compliment and said that whenever she sees someone with sisterlocks, she considers it for a minute, but only a minute. We laughed. I said to her, when you are ready, nothing will be able to stop you. Also, I said to her "you wont regret it. Making the change is hard for many. Even hairdressers.

I think Shannon is on to something with working out of this shop. I figure if encounters like this keep up, she may run the other hairdressers out of business (-:

I am coming up on 8 months of sisterlocks. Hope to post pictures on my next posting. Blessings to you all!!!!!!


  1. Helga said...

    If I saw your sisterlocks when I was wearing those doggone braids, I would have reached for the scissors right away! Your hair is inspiring.

    Now, let's see those 10 month photos!

  2. Goodnapps said...

    Those kind of encounters are quite typical so all we can do is brace ouselves and be armed with the knowledge.

    Looks like new converts are definitely in Shannon's near future.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Your consultant is on to something!!! Guess time will tell if any of the three choose Sisterlocks, let's hope so. I still can't believe one walked in with weave to the middle of her back and gold highlights....WOW!!! Just imagine if her hair was Sisterlocked and at that length??

  4. Lexus Prefect said...

    Hair to there with gold in it? Good grief!! I didn't know they could weave hair so long!

    She might be a candidate for one of those weave-a-diva dance-offs that Fake Janice Combs had to participate in on her blog - lol

    OK enough of the jokes!

    Aya I'm going to christen you the Sisterlock Missionary or the Moses of Sisterlocks or the Fisher of Women for Sisterlocks...there I go again -- more jokes!

    Lexus Prefect

  5. blackrussian said...

    Yo' sister LP is hilarious...I'm so glad she's joined us in SLs and blogging...

    Great stories, thanks for sharing. As much as I love my consultant, I do miss being in a shop a little, but only sometimes. (She works from her home.)

    Because I liked interacting with other clients.

    Sounds like Ms. Hairweave down to there is a little vain. Now I love a mirror too, but I try to be cool about it when other ppl are around, lol...

    Will you ever tell the tale of what happened to Kinks? I know YOU always sent business their way and there was never a hint of foreshadowing in your posts that anything was about to go down.

    I think Shannon is on to something. Many people don't even know SLs are an option and if they did....

    I wasn't really dissatisfied with my other hair. I wasn't actively looking for a change, but something about Sls just called to me when I saw them.

    Looking forward to your pics, dear.

  6. muslimahlocs said...

    i am sorry to hear about the closure of kinks. good thing i was not planning to move back to sacto just for that (we are not moving to sacto by the me and i will tell you offline).
    you might want to have your sunglasses handy if you are going to get your hair done in a shop. you never know when you might need to cover your eyes but still want to look.

  7. Mel said...

    Oh no, that lovely looking shop has shut!

  8. n'Drea said...

    Keep on representing, girl. Great post :)

    Looking forward to see those pics.

  9. Kinky Awakenings said...

    the seed is planted every time you walk out the door!your locs are too gorgeous!

    thanks for stopping by and showing some love.


  10. Anonymous said...

    Very Interesting encounters you had. I remember when I once heard about people who worked on natural hair also working on clients with weaves and relaxers and I somewhat thought it was a contradiction at first. But as I hear more stories and really open my mind, it is a great way to introduce others to natural hair...its like trying to reach the sick and only working with healthy people...everyone has to be involved to be effective.

    Nice post!

  11. Naturally Sophia said...

    Good Post! I think long weave is interesting. It is a good look on some ppl sometimes; but it is often too unrealistic and doesn't necessarily compliment the person. Your hair, however, looks great!

  12. Sis. RJQueen10 said...

    I loved this post, it was very entertaining. I was told the other day by a fellow parent at my children's school that I inspired her to cut off her permed hair and go natural. I felt so honored because I only push being natural on my twin sister, my oldest sister and my Mama. I was just being me-- RJQueen10 and free with my TWA. She is admiring my baby LOCKS, only God knows, maybe oneday she will take it to this level. Wow, we never know who is watching us and how what we do influences others. I give God all of the glory.