Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sisterloc Retightening Class

Hello All! My computer has been out of commission for awhile, but now I am back in the mix. Not only that, life has thrown a few curve balls my way causing me to direct my attention to other pressing matters. Anyway, I’m so glad my computer is working, and I can update you all on the latest with my locks…..

On September 29th I took the Sisterlock retightening class. Shannon, my loctician agreed to travel with me to Oakland, to my sister’s house, to teach us how to retighten our hair. Helga was in town on business and joined us too.

During the class you’re taught to use two types of hooks; the long hook and the short hook. We started our learning to use the long hook. I was stressed out trying to use that darn long hook. I even ruined one of my locks trying to use it, and had to have Shannon redo the lock. When we learned the technique of using the short hook, my confidence returned some for it was much easier to use. However. I did not like the way I had to manipulate the short lock tool to attach it to my lock.

It seemed to me that Lexus Prefect ( the eldest sis) seemed the most comfortable tightening her hair while me and Helga were not so sure.

Though once home, and with some practice, I feel I am getting the hang of it. I will see tomorrow when I go and see Shannon for my retightening. Once she gives the ok on my work, I hope to do more of it on my own.

Although I wasn’t that pleased to have to pay $250.00, I’m glad I took the class for I do feel more empowered. Also, Shannon did a very good job teaching us.

I am now nine months locked, but decided to wait to post pictures till after my retightening. I’ll post them soon. Blessings.

Here's a picture of one of our new bunnies, Ayu Starr! (Named by my daughter)