Friday, November 16, 2007

That Darn Camera!!!!!!!

I've made several attempts to post pictures but have been unsuccessful. My camera won't download the pictures I've taken. I suspect it is the USB cable or something within the camera. I had a problem before with this camera and was sent a new camera from the company. With this being the second time I've had trouble with this model, I don't think I'll send this one back to the company for round three. I would only be delaying the inevitble: a need for a new and better camera. When that happens, hopefully soon, I will post pictures of my locks.

Anyway, I celebrated 10 months of sisterlocks four days ago. For the most part, they are coming along fine. I'm even beginning to notice a little more length. However, the growth rate is uneven in different sections, making my freestyle not as uniform as before. I guess this is part of the "teenage" phase.

I was hoping by now that each lock would be fairly thick and uniform in diameter due to the locking process. A majority of them are, but quite a few are not, for they look thick part of the way down the length of the lock, then look very thin the rest of the way. Others are thin part of the way down and then thick the rest of the way down. I sure hope the thin areas thicken up. A part of me fears that the thin sections will break off. Has anyone else experienced this? Your input would be great.

All in all, still loving my locks. I can't even imagine the alternative.