Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Its a very, furry, christmas!

It's hard to believe we are near the end of another year. It went too fast, as have all the years since my 30th birthday. Hmmm....tis life. I sure wish time could slow down a little so there'd be more time to do all those things I've been meaning to do!

Two little furry creatures that have caused life to slow a little are Ayumi and Gir, our two little Netherland Dwarf Bunnies. Who would have thought that these two little cuties could transform our home. They are very smart and independent. Because they're now litter box trained, they have full house privileges. My kids love em and help out a lo with their care.

As for my locks, they're doing just fine. They look so much better since the grooming. I still love my sister locks!

From My Home to Yours,
Have a Very Merry Christmas

Love, Aya

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Groom Me

I went to see Shannon a few days ago for a retightening session. As soon as I sat down, I began telling her about my dissatisfaction with the current state of my locks. My freestyle, the style I wear the most, was looking a bit too free. They didn’t hang as before. There were more than a few locks that looked rather scraggly. Also a good number of locks had balls (big and small) on the ends that looked rather distasteful.
As I spoke, Shannon looked through my locks and suggested a grooming. A grooming? Yeah, its time for a grooming. After explaining what a grooming was, and showing me before and after pictures of past groomings she had done, I quickly agreed.
I was very pleased with the results. The overall look of my locks were so much better. We took some before and after pictures but the before pictures didn’t turn out so well. No, I haven’t purchased a new camera. The one I used was a Kodak disposable one. Hope you’re able to get somewhat of an idea of the grooming looks. I don’t think the quality of the pictures are all that great.