Sunday, August 26, 2007

Joe's Crab Shack

♪♫ “Joes crab shack is a little old place where we can get together, crab shack baby…♫♪ The good old B-52’s. I liked that song. Well Joe’s Crab is where us Northern Cal Gal’s got together for another time of food, fun, and fellowship. It was located in Old Sacramento.
Nor cal Sister lock Gathering, August 2007
It was my intention to take a picture of my meal, but by the time I was served, I was sooooo hungry hat I devoured half my meal before remembering to take a picture. Sorry! But I did get a picture of my half eaten plate. The “shrimp trio” was quite tasty. It was pretty much the same group who met at the last gathering, but however there was a new face, Miriam, my co worker and friend. She was the sister lock baby in the group, having her for nearly 3 months. I’d like to think I had hand in helping her come to her decision to get sister locks for she really liked mine. Perhaps, perhaps not, I’m just glad that she did. looks great!
Alright, I digressed a little. It was so much fun seeing everyone again, and to see how each others locks had developed over the months. I was very impressed with Chocolata’s curls.
She said she used “wrap-a-lock” curlers to get her style. Belinda’s locks had really grown, and Gigirl had been cutting off her permed ends. My sister, Lexxus Prefect, well what can I say?, her locks are always looking good, but I did notice that her new growth is double the size of her initial locks. Oh, by the way, Lexxus Prefect has finally gotten her blog up and going, so give her a welcome. Just click on the link on the left hand side of my blog.

Ok, ok back to the gathering. To sum it up, it was a success. For me, just connecting and sharing our lives, our hair stories, and whatever else means a lot to me. I am a people person. I’m told our next gathering will be in December, cant wait!


  1. Chosen Vessel said...

    Aya~ It looks like you all had a great time!!! I love seeing photo's of Sisterlocks gatherings from all over the world :)

  2. n'Drea said...

    I agree with CV. I hope we get to have one here in JA. Still Waters had brought the idea up.

    Glad y'all had a great time.

  3. muslimahlocs said...

    so where were you all when i lived in the area? or really, where was i?

  4. Anonymous said...

    You guys look great and is it me or is everyone glowing!!???

    Happy to see you guys had fun!

  5. Goodnapps said...

    Oh how wonderful you all look. Let the good times continue to roll!

  6. cheleski68 said...

    ah man, looks like you guys had a ball! you anywhere near Napa? used to visit about 3 times a year at my job site and always looked for us..but never saw us until i went to fly out of Oakland or SanFran or Sacram.

  7. Aya said...

    Hi Cheleski: I am about 2 hours northeast of Napa. Oh I just love it there. It is a very beautiful and relaxing place to visit. I do visit Oakland often for my oldest sister lives there.

  8. cheleski68 said...

    wow, now that's out in some country! you're near Washington State,eh? or near Grey's Anatomy(smile)

  9. Khandi said...

    I can see that you all had a good time!!

    Thanx for passing by