Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Checking In

Hell All! Yeah, I know, I have majorly slacked on updating my blog. However, there is a good reason for this. I have been working extra days and long hours at my job. So when home, I’m too tired to do much of anything. Why am I working so hard? I’m trying to become debt free using Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I began the program in May of last year with 52k worth of debt. I have now completed one year and have 19k of debt left. By the end of this year I hope to be debt free except my house. Why am I so motivated to do this? First of all, I could not stand having as much outstanding debt as I had. It was like carrying around a 52 pound bag of rocks. Now I carry around a 19 pound bag of rocks (-: But it’s getting lighter every month. Also I’m not getting any younger so I must plan for my future, and have the available cash flow to do so. In addition, my 17 year old will graduate from high school next year, and is planning to go off to college. I want to be able to assist her as much as I possibly can. I just pray that the Lord keeps me in good health, and that I have no major setbacks.

How do you like the look of my locks?? I’m still very happy with them. I continue to retighten them myself, but occasionally visit Shannon when I’m able to splurge a little. I was checking out Helga’s blog earlier, and I have to get to Sally’s to get that doughnut hairpiece to create a pretty bun. I’ll post a picture when I do it.

Hope everyone is doing great, I plan to visit more blogs and catch up on what everyone is doing.

Blessings to all my Sisterlock sistas.