Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break!

During this Spring break my kids and I drove down to the Central Coast for a family gathering. We would all meet at my parents house to see my sister and her family visiting from Germany, and just hang out and have a good time. Whenever we come together, my dad and brother-in-law like to fire up the grill. One day they grilled leg of lamb, and another day they grilled fish and vegetables. Of course there were no leftovers.

Us women like to sit and talk talk talk and laugh laugh laugh. While talking there is always someone in somebodies head. This time it was my daughter. She let my oldest sister twist her hair. It looked great. And, of course, all three sister locked sisters enjoyed being in each others hair too. To each of us, it seems that the others' hair was growing, but out own was not! Funny how that is. Still, we all agree that getting sisterlocks was the best hair decision we could have made. Hair care has never been so easy.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Just Checkin' In

Hey all. I sure miss being able to post. It's been much more difficult now that my daughter is doing her studies at home and needing the computer to do her writing assignments and more. Not only that, she is taking a class at the community college and yours truly has to tag along and wait for her while she is in class. I hope I don't sound as though I'm complaining. In fact, I'm very pleased that we made the decision for her to do her studies this way. It has proved to be advantageous for her in that she can work at her own pace,and get more one-on-one time with her instructor. Also,her grades are better than ever. However,I do miss not being able to check on all my blogging buddies as much as I would like.

So how are my locks? They are doing just fine. I washed my babies today and let them dry freestyle. When I'm home or not doing anything special, this is the style of choice. When I'm working I'll pin set my locks the night before. In the morning I remove the pins and finger my locks into a style. I find that pin setting is the most comfortable for sleeping. Also, I like that there is no tension on my locks and the curls I get from pin setting look quite nice.

I wish I had some updated pictures for you to see, but I don't. hopefully next time. Hope everyone has a blessed day. I'll try to post again real soon with some updated pictures.