Thursday, April 3, 2008


During the spring break visit with my family,thirteen of us caravaned to Disneyland. It was special and exciting for all of us to share this trip together, which is not so easy with the 4th sister (and her family) residing in Germany. Also,my niece, nephew, and brother-in-law from Germany were going for the first time.

Anyway,when we arrived there were lots and lots of people, which meant long waits in line, especially for the popular rides. Because of the vast age differences between our group, we alternated between getting on "kiddie" rides and "bigger kids" rides. The favorite "big kid" ride among the group was "Star Tours". When they chose to ride it again,I passed. The first time around left me feeling queasy afterward.

While in line to board "The Pirates Of The Caribbean," I was sure the younger ones would be scarred out of their minds. I guess I was reliving my own childhood experience on this ride. I was five years old and cried the whole time. Those pirates looked so real. Well, to my amazement,my nieces and younger nephew didn't scare a bit. In fact, they were all for wanting to ride it again. Geesh!!!

My favorite event was the Fantasia water show. Ah, that was soooo awesome, spectacular, moving. The best part of the show was the entrance of Peter Pan's ship all lit up, while Peter Pan and Hook dueled near the top of the ship.

As much fun as we had, its ending was a must. We left with full heart, exhausted bodies, and lasting memories. Knowing my sister Helga, she is probably already planning the next family gathering. Hope you enjoy the pictures.