Friday, May 18, 2007

It's All A Process

I went to my retightening session on Wednesday. I walked in concerned about the status of several locks that looked either too thin, or ununiformed. Akilah reassurred me that most areas were progressing fine, and the areas of concern were fixable. She went to work on me. When it was done, it looked quite good. She joined the very thin locks and retightened at the roots. She also explained how the locking process works and to be patient with the process. However, we are both aware of a few locks on the top of my head that are a little troubled. The roots are growing in much thicker that the locked hair giving those locks a "hanging by a thread" appearance. Actually,those few concerned me the most. I'm afraid of losing the whole lock. I was reassusred that this would come together too. Ok, no more stressing........I'll enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Freestylin' It!!

I usually wash and set my hair a day or two before I get it retightened. This has served me well in helping to prevent slippage (I used to wash after retightening). Anywho, this time after going through the routine of braiding, banding and washing, I allowed the braided bands to stay in place for a little over an hour. Afterward, I unbraided each section and separated each lock. I noticed after separating the locks that my hair didn't shrink as much. However, my hair was still wet so I let it hang to dry for several more hours. When it was about 80% dry, I pulled up my hair in a ponytail, and went out to run some errands. About two hours later, I took out the ponytail, and noticed the locks hung with less shrinkage. How cool is that? Talk about hair freedom!!! Free, free, free!!!!!!!!!

On a sadder note, I do have some problem areas with my locks. Oh, I love em still, but I know there are quite a few locks that will have to be joined. Some are just too thin, or have weakened. I'm not sure which is the case. Anyway, say a prayer for me. I go for my retightening tomorrow and will update on my lock dilema.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Three Sisterlocked Sisters, Together Again

We just can't get enough of each other. What can I say we are each other's best friends, including the two sisters not pictured. So the clan arrived Saturday afternoon, and left the next day. We were kept busy by puzzles, video games, crating (making wind chimes), movies, and just plain ole talking. So what do you think the three of us talked about the most? Yeah, yeah, our HAIR! Btw, I'm 16 weeks locked now.