Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Joyful Journey

Greetings Everyone:

(Akilah and Me)
I am now 4 weeks in to my sisterlock journey, and it has been great. In fact two women at work have vowed that they will follow suit. The daily upkeep of it has been so easy. In the morning I get up, take off my satin scarf, and use my fingers to create the style I want.

I wont take credit for the entire upkeep yet. The Natural Hair Care salon (KINKS International) I go to cares for your sisterlocks for the first 3 months. The locks are washed and set every 2 weeks (including fixing any slipped locs) and they retighten the locks every 4 weeks. At the end of 3 months, return visits every 6 to 8 weeks are needed to retighten the new growth.

(The back of my head, also Loctician Shannon far right corner)

I went for my first retightening session2 days ago. It took Akilah (my loctician)only 2 hours

to complete (she's fast :-) ). Akilah says that my
locks ars coming along just fine although I am not locked yet. Also I did have some slippage, which I understand is quite normal for this stage. Most of mine was at the crowm of my hair where the texture is softer and straighter than the rest of my hair.

At the end of retightening Akilah set my hair on perm rods and on put me under the dryer.
I must say I was quite pleased. I just love it.

If you know anyone interested in getting sisterlocks and lives near or aroud the Sacramento area, I would recommend KINKS International. All of the stylists are Sisterlock ceritfied,do quality work and can style your locks leaving you extra beautiful when you leave the shop. Akilah is the owner and Loctician Guide. You may contact me for any questions or information. Have a Blessed Day.