Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home again and back.

Hello All. I've recentally returned from the Central Coast where my parents reside. My kids and I took a 7 hour car ride to visit them two weeks ago. Helga and my oldest sister drove along too. I always like going home (my parents home) because I get a little spoiled. My father greeted us while doing what he does best- BBQ'n. He makes the best BBQ ribs. My mother is always good for having her homemade chocolate chip cookies ready for my son Justin. Not only that, two of my younger nieces were already there and were so happy to have a few more aunts and cousins to socialize with.

This visit home was great. The sad part is that I was so busy, I barely took pictures. Here are a few that turned out pretty good. (Pismo Beach)

(Sister Carol, Best Friend Pam, Daughter)
Helga and I spent time in each other's locks. Too fun! She even taught me some new styling options. I'm now 7 months locked, and happy to say that my locks are getting stronger. I love my sister locks.



  1. Mel said...

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time.

  2. Goodnapps said...

    What a beautiful trip indeed.
    Glad to hear your locks are getting stronger. What kind of regimen did you resort to?

  3. Aya said...

    Goodnaps. My new loctician is sold on Dr Miracles hair care products. She suggested I use the Dr Miracles shampoo,the Proclaim Leave In Tea Tree conditioner afater washing every 2 weeks, the Dr Miracles Stimulating Moisturizing Gro Oil on the scalp daily, and the Proclain Natural 7 oil on the hair and scalp once a week. So far, it has been working well. My hair looks better conditioned, is not as dry, and seems stronger than before. Thanks for asking.

  4. muslimahlocs said...

    you all look so much like your mom. just beautiful.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Lovely Family.

  6. n'Drea said...

    I've missed you. So good to have you back. Congrats on being 7 months SL'd.

  7. Chosen Vessel said...

    Happy Times with friends and family :)

  8. blackrussian said...

    I've missed you too! Thanks for visiting me. And you know I know you weren't really jealous!

    I ALWAYS have some kind of mild lock envy...even if it's just for having the motivation to STYLE my locks.

    I see such cute styles done with carusos or hairties, etc. And I think: I should do that. It would probably look really cute.

    But then, I never do. I freestyle EVERY day of the week.

    Hey, great pics and I'm glad to hear you had fun with the fam.

    My Dad's a great cook too and he likes to do it.

    It is my secret wish to find a man like that for myself.

    Your locks are looking lovely and I'm glad to hear that you're happier with their overall health and progress.

  9. Aya said...

    Black Russian,you are the sweetest. And, I hear you about finiding a man that can cook. I can't say that I am talented in that area, but I sure appreciate those who are. Thanks so much, for you can always be depended on to say something kind and positive.

  10. cheleski68 said...

    what a nice pic of you!