Friday, June 29, 2007

My Sister locks Blues

Oh yeah, blue is what I am. For the past several weeks I've been a little down about my locks. In fact, last night I awakened in a panic. I was dreaming that I woke up and found hundreds of broken locks on my pillow.
I’m sure that dream was a result of a problem I am dealing with in my waking life: thinning and breaking locks. It usually begins thinning midway up the lock. At that point, its a matter of time before it breaks off or is taken off by Akilah. Grrrr. I get so frustrated, and feel as if my lock progress is going backward. I have between 570-585 locks. They measure 3. inches long (unstretched) around the crown, and 4-5 inches everywhere else. Then, of course, I now have several 1 inch length locks as a result of the breakage.
I have to admit, though, that my hair was not in the best condition before my locks were installed. Because of my disdain for Beauticians, it had been well over 3 years since I had a professional trim or a really good condition, the type you can only get at the salon. Also, I had heat damage from all the blow drying.
On a more positive note, the now 1 inch locks appear uniform in diameter an seem to be stronger. I guess I will have to be even more patient and ride this out. Furthermore I've noticed that my locks appear shorter than before. My younger sister, aka Helga says this is normal and part of the shrinkage process. I sure hope so.
I could really use some love, encouragement, and advice. I've been too down to even post a picture of myself. I will next time. Peace.


  1. Goodnapps said...

    oh Aya. Thinning and breaking locks are definitely a downer. So it makes sense that you would feel
    this way. But it is refreshing that the new locks are recovering.

    As for shrinkage. It most certainly is normal and another part of the process. Thank goodness
    it's not a pain in the butt forever.

    So for what it's worth...keep your chin up.

    Do you use any conditioning spritz mixes or anything to help strengthen your hair?

  2. Cocoanaps said...

    Aya I am so sorry to hear about your dilemma, and like goodnapps I was going to ask if you use any conditioning/strengthening spritz in between retightenings.Your Locs are still beautiful and Akilah is great so I'm sure she will nurse them back to health. Stay Blessed Sis!

  3. Aya said...

    Oh Goodnapps and Cocoanaps, thanks so much for responding. I really need the feedback to lift my spirits. Last week,per advice from Akilah, I started using Proclaim Tea Tree leave in conditioner. I've also started using Proclaim Natural 7 oil. My hair is sooo dry. I guess I will see at my next session if this is working. Thanks again.

  4. Chosen Vessel said...


    This to shall pass. I know it can be frustrating but be patient because our hair will go through different stages.

    What I would do is focus on products that can strenghthen your hair....For example, maybe you can start doing deep conditioning with some good conditioner like Nexus Humectress (I think I spelled it right--they sell it in WalMart), Also, maybe you can do a post asking other Sisters what products have they had success with, in the area of strenghtening their locks. Because when my hair line was acting up, I got a lot of good feedback from the Sisterlock community about what products could/would help.

    I hope this helps and stay encouragaed :)

  5. Aya said...

    Chosen Vesse: Thanks so much for your response and encouraging words. I didn't know that I could deep condition at this stage. would it cause slippage? I will ask Akilah, because I think that would be a good idea. I pray you are right about this stage passing. I will hang on to that. Blessing to you C.V.

  6. muslimahlocs said...

    locs of length and more hair than you ever wanted from now you will look back on this phase and hopefully chuckle. really, loosing locks happens to most, if not of all, regardless of the locking method. could be life, stress, previous styling techniques or a whole host of things. in the effort to rehab your locks be careful not to use too much conditioner which could lead to slippage. sisterlocks is really a process. the trick is to enjoy each stage!

  7. Aya said...

    Muslimahlocs: So nice to hear that I'm riding a plane with many passengers. This was surely encouraging and I will keep this in mind.

  8. n'Drea said...

    Sis, I'm really, really sorry for what you've been going through. Listen to Goodnapps, Cocoanapps and CV. They've been on this journey longer than you and I, and so have good advice for you.

    I'm sure your locks are just going through a phase right now, and will pick up. Sometimes, I think our hair has a mind of its own :) Try not to worry though easier said than done, I know), but you don't want any added stress. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink lots of water, take your loctitian's advice, and pray about the matter. But I know this challenge won't last. Hope my 2 cents-bit helps :)

    P.S. Y'know, you can be an inspiration to someone else who might/will go through a similar experience. Post ALL your pics. After all, the journey involves the ups and downs. Show another sista how to get over, when you've gotten through this.


  9. K.D. said...

    I had a friend who had the same problem. In some places, her locks were thinning to the point of snapping. After consulting with a few sister locktician, she found out the person who groomed her locks cut into her locks which caused them to thin out. Please be mindful of your groomings and also be mindful of braiding your hair to obtain that crinkly look. Braiding you hair too tightly can cause your locks to 'stretch' out and break off. I hope this helps.
    Natural Beauty

  10. gina said...

    Be careful who tightens your locks..I had a Locktician in the Fort Washington area, her name is Gina...BEWARE...she was cutting into the roots of my locks...she had a nasty disposition, extreme rules listed on the walls; no visitors can accompany you, sit up straight in the chair...Ladies beware of Lockticians that does not present a pleasant energy! She also possessed a jealous spirit.