Friday, May 18, 2007

It's All A Process

I went to my retightening session on Wednesday. I walked in concerned about the status of several locks that looked either too thin, or ununiformed. Akilah reassurred me that most areas were progressing fine, and the areas of concern were fixable. She went to work on me. When it was done, it looked quite good. She joined the very thin locks and retightened at the roots. She also explained how the locking process works and to be patient with the process. However, we are both aware of a few locks on the top of my head that are a little troubled. The roots are growing in much thicker that the locked hair giving those locks a "hanging by a thread" appearance. Actually,those few concerned me the most. I'm afraid of losing the whole lock. I was reassusred that this would come together too. Ok, no more stressing........I'll enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!