Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Whats goin' on?

Greetings All

What an interesting month this has been so far. On March 3, I met with GiGirl for the first time. We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Yuba City. We had much to talk about, including our SL journey. We will even carpool together to the Upcoming Northern California sister lock gathering. What an enjoyable day it was.
The next day I went to Akilah for my ret-ightening session, 12 weeks and counting. I'm still getting slippage but not as much.The following week was family court mediation...again! The details are too depressing, but we got through it. Praise the lord.
After that, the Imus controversy, and today the Virgina Tech University shooting. My goodness,are we in the last days or what? Our country is in need of some serious prayer.
Peace and Love to you.
Me with GiGirl


  1. Goodnapps said...

    You are looking very lovely.

  2. Creyole said...

    Cute looks are those curls or freestyle?

  3. Aya said...

    Hi Creyole. Thanks for your kind words. The stylewas achieved by spritzing, then braiding about 10 sections before bed.In the morning,I unbraided and fingered into shape.

  4. Chosen Vessel said...

    Aya, I like your hair, it looks nice...the curls look lovely on you :) It is nice to meet other Sisterlock Sisters, especially those you have been corresponding with over the blogs.

  5. muslimahlocs said...

    your hair looks awesome!

  6. funmi said...

    Your hair is really beautiful. I know a lot of very disturbing things are going on in the world today makes you wonder. Anyway God is in control. We have to hold onto his word and the peace He only and give. We can be light in the midst of the darkness.

    BTW thanks for visiting my blog :)